Moving extraction data of references from one project to another

Uploading, editing, deduping and exporting references
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Moving extraction data of references from one project to another

Postby metaanalysisUOA » Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:58 pm

I want to moving one reference (including the extraction data /or the fulfill forms) from one project to another project, I have tried the following steps you suggest to another post, but it only import the reference, no any data attached to this reference, is there any way I can do it?

“ In the first project, the one with the references, you can run a report in Datarama which will generate a list of the references. I would suggest you first do this with the Report Format (under Basic Options) set to View Online. This will allow you to review the information before exporting it.

If you are happy with the report, change the Report Format to RIS. This will output the report to a RIS file, which you can use to upload the references into your second project.

Note: References that were quarantined in the first project will not be included in the RIS output.”

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Re: Moving extraction data of references from one project to another

Postby evidencepartners » Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:09 pm

Here's how you can export all of your data and import it into another project
1. Create a Datarama report that exports the references and data you want
2. Export this to a CSV file (un the Report Format dropdown on the first tab of Datarama)
3. Go to your new project and in the References menu, select Load-> From File
4. Drag and drop your CSV onto the screen and click the submit button.

Your reference(s) will be upload and each column of the CSV will be stored as a field. Go to References->Edit References to check that everything came in as you expected.

If you want the data in those fields to automatically fill out forms in your new project, use the Map Fields to Forms feature under References.
Here's are the steps to do this
1. From the top menu, choose References > Map Fields to Forms.
2. Select the form that contains the fields (questions) that you would like to automatically populate with field data from your references using the drop down menu beside Available Forms.
3. Click the checkboxes to specify which user(s) should be shown as entering the data. DistillerSR will copy data from the reference fields into the specified form on that reviewer’s behalf. Their name(s) will appear as the reviewer(s) who entered that data. If multiple reviewers are selected, the references will be considered to be reviewed by multiple reviewers.
4. Enter which references you want to automatically fill out forms for.
5. Choose which reference field should be used to answer each question by selecting the field from the drop down under Maps to column.
If applicable, add a delimiter (character(s) that separate multiple independent selections) from within the reference fields, for checkbox questions (ex. If the Year field could contain multiple years in the format “1992, 1996, 2004”, then you would enter “,” in the delimiter field.).
6. Click Run. Data will be copied from the references fields into the specified form and questions.

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