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Updated references

Postby Maria.Lazaridou » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:19 pm


I have reviewed the initial references and I have narrowed them down for level 2 screening. But I realized that some references were outdated, therefore I exported the references to my endnote library and updated the references. My query is, can I import these references into distiller, to the project that I am working on and update those (existing) references (level 2) or do I have to edit each reference separately? If there is a way to do that it will be great as I have a large number of references to update. Also, I tried uploading the references into a different project which I also did level 1 screening and what distiller did, it added them as unreviewed references rather than updating them. When I uploaded the RIS format document, I chose the option to skip existing and notify. I need to update the references, in order to be able to screen the abstract and decide whether to include/exclude the reference.

In addition, on the final screening, I will export the references and search for full-text articles. How can I attach a pdf file to the existing reference? I saw that there is an option of adding pdf files on distiller but are they automatically linked with the existing reference? Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you, Maria

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Re: Updated references

Postby evidencepartners » Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:52 pm

Hi Maria,
In answer to your first question, when you upload your RIS files with the updated references, click "Overwrite Existing" option in Step 3 of the file upload screen. This will tell distiller to replace the old fields in your references with the updated field content in your RIS file. Any screening or extracted data will not be overwritten.

To attach PDFs, go to References->Full Text Documents->Manage Attachments. You can drag your PDFs onto the appropriate references in that screen to attach them. There are other options for uploading attachments, including uploading an ENLX file from EndNote. Just look for "Uploading Multiple Attachments" in the help.

Hope this helps

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