assigning references to another level

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assigning references to another level

Postby jelenapole » Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:12 pm


When I first uploaded my references, I assigned them to level 3 data extraction. Going over the references now, I realize that I will need to do another round of inclusion/exclusion before extraction. I created a level two form for full text screening. How do I assign the references I initially uploaded for level 3 to level 2? I've tried reconciliation, changing the level and form settings etc. but can't seem to figure it out, short of potentially re-uploading all of the references (not ideal). The project title is "Digital Technology and Compassionate Care".

Thank you!

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Re: assigning references to another level

Postby Henry_Ebron » Wed Oct 23, 2019 3:22 pm


The quickest option would be to re-upload this set of references (just the specific ones you uploaded directly to level 2), At step 3 you can select to overwrite the references and at step 4, select to upload to level 2. This will then set these references to level 2. No worries about the data you submitted at level 3, once you promote the references back to level 3 it will reconnect to the data already submitted. If you did this upload, you will have to run a reconcile references function (under the References menu)

If you are not dealing with a large number of references, you could manually edit the Min_level field for these references via the References -- Edit references option. Change the Min level from 3 to 2. Once done, reconcile and those references will be at level 2

I hope this helps


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